Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why We Do It

Why do we do it, where did KOLIfit really come from, and what drives us to continue exploring?

Our commitment to fitness has to be for more than our own physical health, more than finishing an event, more than winning a race or setting a personal best. Being fit has to be more than just maintaining health, it has to be more than just doing because you know you should. Fitness is about creating access, about knowing, always, that things are within reach.  Being fit is being able to ascend the mountain, swim the sea, or travel endlessly through unknown roads, without question, without hesitation, and most importantly without doubt. It’s easy to lose sight, to make excuses, and altogether miss the bigger picture. We all do it, we all have those moments when we ask “why am I doing this?” It doesn’t matter whether you are an elite athlete or just trying to stay healthy, we all inevitably wonder if what we are doing is worth the time and effort, if the perceived sacrifice has any real tangible benefit. The answer usual presents itself in one of two ways.

A missed opportunity that reminds us that staying fit is more than just the gym, more than just our physical health, more than the next big race or event, or
A moment of pure gratitude recognizing your commitment to fitness gave you access to a special place or moment that would otherwise not been possible.

I grew up as an athlete, it was almost as though I knew nothing else. For the longest time I chased that little black line across the pool, back and forth, hour after endless hour, meter after meter searching for one more second. From there it was riding and racing my bike through western Colorado, back country farm roads to mountain passes, pressing ever harder into the realm of competitive sport. Finally, I settled into long distance running, chasing my dreams down endless roads, over mountain tops and through bottomless valleys. Competitive sport not only set me free, but gave me an outlet and escape from so much of my life, opening doors of opportunity to explore, not only my own limits, but my environment, my surroundings and my community.
Through hundreds of races, tens of thousands of miles, countless injuries, and shattered dreams, I often reflect back on why. What was the driving force really behind these pursuits? Where did my fitness take me, both physically and mentally? What is it I remember most, what do I carry forward with me, and why do I keep coming back?

It had to be for more than my own physical health, more than winning a race or setting a personal best. No, it was more. Fitness has given me amazing opportunities in life, the ability to explore, to see my world in such a unique light and with such beauty. Through all the racing, the wins, the PR’s, the exhilaration of accomplishing a goal, those memories, as cherished as they are, are not what I remember most. It is the training, the environment, the lifelong friends and community I take with me.  The amazing sunrises and sunsets, countless wildlife, wildflowers, exotic locations and city streets, forever etched into my memory. The conversations, laughter, support, and friendship. Picking each other up, supporting one another and sometimes just the rhythmic sound of friends’ feet hitting the pavement in silent solidarity. Fitness has the ultimate ability to bring us together, not just with each other, but to our environment, and our community.
KOLIfit is rooted in the belief that a commitment to health and fitness is more than just working out because we’ve been told that’s what we should be doing. Our health is about connecting our own physical wellbeing to our mental state, to our environment, and our communities.
Reconnect, come to a KOLIfit workout and take what you KNOW you should be doing and LIVE the adventure!  
Know it – Live it = KOLIfit