Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How do fitness and multisport skills translate into a better outdoor experience?

How do fitness and multisport skills translate into a better outdoor experience?

Let’s be honest with ourselves… whether we like it or not, fitness is the base for everything active; winter sport, running, cycling, swimming, outdoor adventure, and just about everything else.  Staying active is so important in helping a person gain the skills needed to attempt challenging activities in an outdoor setting.  Unfortunately, creating a personal lifestyle filled with physical fitness isn’t exactly on their list of high priorities.  I promise you, if you can create that lifestyle, and I mean a SUSTAINABLY active lifestyle, you will be happy.  You will gain confidence to try new things.  You will crave more. 

During high school and early college, I didn’t live a sustainably healthy lifestyle.  I KNEW exactly how I was supposed to be eating, exercising, sleeping, etc.  I always had a passion for fitness, skiing, and particularly cycling.  I also loved exploring the outdoor world, but there was a huge, and I mean HUGE learning curve on my path to creating my sustainably active and healthy lifestyle.  At age 18, I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now.  On the weekends I stayed up until 3 or 4am eating junk with friends.  I was over-scheduled every day of my life with music rehearsals, homework, and concert performances.  My lifestyle was suffocating me, however I KNEW exactly how healthy my life was actually supposed to be.  There was a happy, active me fighting to get out and live. 

In March of my senior year of high school, I decided to sign up for my first century 100-mile bike ride.  I trained on a hybrid bicycle that weighed 35-pounds and borrowed a road bike for race day.  I made a solid playlist to listen to, packed some snacks and sunscreen, and was on my way.  I spent the first 10 miles familiarizing myself with the gears on my borrowed bike, but other than that, the first 40 miles were manageable.  Mile 50 on the other hand… I actually thought I was going to die.  I sprawled out on the ground and almost threw up.  When I began to feel better, I hopped back on my bike and just kept going.  When I passed the finish line, a nice lady behind a snow cone stand handed me a cold, red snow cone and congratulated me.  With a quavering, emotional, “Thank you,” I sat on the ground and cried.  I finished. 

The strange thing is how much I have grown since then.  A century ride turned into a regular, unorganized, weekend event with friends.  I gained a desire to eat nourishing foods.  My passion for skiing grew because my body was happy with me.  My life has grown into a multi-sport bonanza!  I love being active!  I have the confidence to try new sports!  KOLIFIT encourages everyone to join in and try new outdoor activities.  The company aspires for its members to choose a healthy lifestyle and always live it.  I always did KNOW I needed to be healthy to have a better outdoor experience.   I promise… it doesn’t matter how or where you start being active.  It just matters that you start. 

Living an active lifestyle is much more than simply working out and having a poor attitude about it.  KOLIFIT invites you to discover your active potential through adventure and positive outdoor experience with others.  You will find happiness in pushing your body to new limits and setting personal fitness goals for yourself.  Try paddle boarding.  Rappel down a waterfall.  Ride a bike.  Hike a mountain.  Hop in a kayak.  Go for a trail run.  You already KNOW how you should LIVE.  With KOLIFIT, the possibilities for new sports and outdoor activities are endless.